Dear mr.Vikas
Hello again how are you and your lovely wife? My friends and I would like to thank you very much for organizing us a wonderful holiday package to India. We had a splendid time and we came home with a very sweet memories. We also like to thank you for providing us with such a good driver like mr.Sabthi Singh. He took care of us very well and always make sure that we are safe.
Thank you once again and God Bless
Devi, Riet, Lina & Yossie.

Dear Vikas
We are now back and settled at home after our wonderful trip to India. Thank you so much for the work you did for us as a group and individually. Everyone made their flights and the missing phone was located at Bagdogra airport. Thank you for alerting us in advance that the group flight back to Delhi had been changed. Our personal travel was a great success. Our driver was outstanding and his concern for our comfort was always evident. The accommodation that you chose suited us very well. I look forward to returning to India with ‘Hands on India’ and if this is the case I am sure I will be in contact with you again.
Best regards
Deb Paul

Thank you all for a very wonderful holiday. Everything was very Nice, especially the upgrade to Crysta and the driver. Hope we can replicate this next year when we plan for Udaipur & it's excursions.
Bharat Sudhir Rastogi