Pushkar Fair Rajasthan

Pushkar Fair

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Immerse yourself in the delights of exotic Pushkar Fair

Capture the pulsating beats of bright and vibrant pictures of the sanctified Brahma land, Pushkar, which gives life to the rich tradition of Rajasthan highlighting the glory of the golden sand. During the first full moon of November every year, the spectacular fair ground of Pushkar is bedecked with camels, bejewelled flocks of cattle, the spirit of adventurous competitions of breath-taking events along with a backdrop of mediating saints, bridal competitions, bucolic crowd, holy dips, interesting stalls and exotic camel safaris concocting a perfect colourful desert in Rajasthan.

Claiming to be the largest camel and livestock fair in the whole Asia, the fair brings life to the sleepy, picturesque and quaint lakeside town of Pushkar. Nestled in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan, the holy town of Pushkar provides a surreal milieu to this worldwide popular event called Pushkar Fair. The festivity lets the fairground o reverberate with great zest and zeal, attracting the tourists from far and wide.

The season of sale starts off with the festivity as from the decorated camels to vintage dowry bags are kept or sale in this open-air festival.

The five-day long Pushkar Fair opens up to indulge in a plethora of exciting activities where handicrafts and cuisine play an integral part of the celebration, feted with grand vehemence and verve in diverse ways.  Horse race, cattle sale, music, dance and satiating feast, are expected part of extravagant Pushkar carnival, giving assurance to visitor or having a good time here in Pushkar. From the wide range of bewildering items and stalls, here in the fair, body tattooing is yet another admiring activity. The fair explicates its glory and grandeur, justifying an expedition to be worth it and lets you to peep into the quintessential charms of India.

Grab a chance and stroll down the streets of the holy city, Pushkar to have an exotic experience with the profusion of colours that sun riots in the golden sands of the Thar Desert along with the glee and contagious gusto of the village folk. Visit the land in the month of Kartik this year and indulge yourself in the photographic opportunities in the quaint town of Pushkar and have the privilege of witnessing once-in-a lifetime event.

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